Healthcare industry professional staff

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We can provide specialty services at an extraordinary value for biotech, pharma and health care companies

Professionally-Staffed Contact Center Services

Although the options are limitless, here are some of the services we can provide for your company ...

  • Conduct high-level surveys/interviews
  • Professionally staffed call/contact center services
  • Customer connection services
  • Recruiting/staffing solutions
  • Outbound call campaigns
  • Bilingual Translators
  • And much more...

Our current staff includes...

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • CRCs
  • CRAs
  • PhDs
  • Pharm Ds
  • All lab functions
  • and a lot more

Connect Smarter at PFL Biotech Services
PFL Biotech Services understands the demand the medical field faces and we are able to provide healthcare organizations with knowledgeable and friendly Call Center Agents that can be independently contracted to handle inbound and outbound calls. Our technology and call center infrastructure is comprised of a comprehensive data system protecting all valuable information as well as real-time reporting. Learn more about us here.

Bilingual Medical Call Agents Opportunities
We recruit bilingual speaking individuals with a medical background who have exceptional communication skills. Some duties involve medical interviewing, healthcare phone screening, medical interpretation, or translating medical terminology. We are currently recruiting for Spanish Medical Jobs, French Medical jobs, Polish Medical Jobs, German Medical Jobs, Portuguese Medical Jobs and Korean Medical Jobs.

Night Nurse Jobs at Home
PFL Biotech Services is currently recruiting for Licensed Nurses to work at home, part time and full time at night. The position entails answering inbound calls from patients and asking the scripted medical qualifier questions.

When you have a need for specialty contact services. There is no better place to turn for a tailored solution than PFL Bio

And all this comes at a fraction of the cost

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